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Handling SSL with a DNN Site is always tricky.
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Website Inquiry Forms to Lexicata Integration
Details on how to integrate your law firm's website inquiry forms with your Lexicata CRM.
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Evoq DNN Sharp Action Form Google Analytics Integration via Javascript Injection of Event Listeners
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USE DatabaseNameGOCREATE TABLE #temp (table_name sysname ,row_count INT,reserved_size VARCHAR(50),data_size VARCHAR(50),index_size VARCHAR(50),unused_size VARCHAR(50))SET NOCOUNT ONINSERT #tempEXEC sp_msforeachtable 'sp_spaceused ''?'''SELECT a.table_name,a.row_count,COUNT(*) AS col_count,a.data_sizeFROM #temp aINNER JOIN information_schema.columns bON a.table_name collate database_default= b.table_name collate database_defaultGROUP BY a.table_name, a.row_count, a.data_sizeORDER BY CAST(REPLACE(...
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After scouring through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) management console I discovered that there is, in fact, no GUI method for scheduling elastic block store (EBS) snapshots. Snapshots are one of the great good glories of virtualization in my opinion. Being keen to put an automated solution in place I consulted Google and found this excellent guide to installing the EC2 command line tools necessary to code up a script which can be scheduled from the task manager to kickoff snapshot events from t...
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