SEO Experience and Practice

The early years

The Logical Alternative (LogAlt) has been delivering results to clients via search engine optimization (SEO) of online presence, and providing consulting services for online marketing strategy since 1996. In this early period, we primarily focused on the design and development of proof of concept White Hat strategies for organic site ranking improvements, essentially reverse-engineering the then primitive search engine algorithms of Excite, Lycos and Yahoo!, and building tools to dynamically bake these techniques into new versions of client sites.

The dot-com boom

Circa 1998, LogAlt began to advise Romac International on SEO and web marketing strategy in conjunction with their rebranding initiative as The project included a front-end website rebuild with integrated tracking, implementation of high performance analytics, and a rebuild of the back-end website to significantly enhance and integrate it with the organization’s enterprise back office platforms. These included IBM WebSphere, Oracle ERP and PeopleSoft applicant-tracking (AT) systems. 

Additionally, in preparation for’s 2000 Super Bowl advertisement, LogAlt designed and implemented a highly available, fault tolerant (HA/FT) data center to host the front-end website.

The SEO project resulted in an over 300% increase in organic search traffic alone. 

Automotive Industry

In 2005, as CTO of billion-dollar retailer Lazydays RV, Evelyn Abad-Dickinson, LogAlt principal, led a task force dedicated to re-engineering the online marketing effort. The project, with a $2M annual budget, encompassed the development of an innovative customer adaptive website integrated with the CRM.

Real-time and deep analytics were implemented via Web Trends. Detailed keyword analysis, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay Per Click were central to the project.  Additionally, a custom system was developed to track and report lost opportunities against DMV data from all 47 providing states. This data was then analyzed and folded back into the sales strategy in a continual improvement cycle. 

The project was wildly successful, and 43 full-time salespeople were hired to create an internet sales department to handle the increased traffic. 

In 2006, Google purchased YouTube and the task force focused on producing SEO techniques for video content. A broadcast studio was built, and a continual stream of informational and sales presentation videos were released to the web, which again resulted in massive traffic increases to the site, significant industry attention, and big impacts to the bottom line.


In recent years, LogAlt has continued to assist our clients, both large and small, with SEO and web marketing strategies, performing current state and competitor analysis, understanding the business goals, assisting with the development of online marketing strategy, (re)developing web presence, and implementing SEO. Clients include McQueen & Siddall legacy attorneys, AtlasUHV, Vivafresh,, Skyway Capital Partners, and Mission Health Communities.
LogAlt continues to keep current with SEO best practices by following SEO publications, attending webinars, and reading industry newsletters for both SEO in general, and specifically the optimization of popular CMSs (those claiming 1% or more of the market share).


Our cross-discipline team of experienced technical, creative, and marketing professionals employs a holistic approach to online marketing. Our process begins with the development of an understanding of our client’s business, message and goals. We then analyze and document the current as-is state of the client's online presence, creating a baseline performance metric. Next, we work with our client to identify and analyze the online marketing strategy of key competitors. We then present our findings and initial recommendations, and workshop with key stakeholders to define goals and priorities. Finally, we implement the plan, document processes, and provide training. 

Following completion of the initial project, many of our clients choose to engage us on an ongoing basis to assist them with analytics and continual optimization.


With our technical, creative, and marketing experience, we approach the technical aspects of SEO at both the page- and server-level. When implementing an SEO plan, we combine page content basics with integrated social media strategies, attention to careful link building, and site usability. We feel that it is important for our clients to understand that page content and metadata optimization are but components of a cohesive and contextual marketing strategy that requires regular attention. The most successful our client’s dedicate internal resources and continually measure and report results to management.